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Ninja Sense

Posted in 1 on June 10, 2009 by Duncan Stewart

Iv’e had over the last few years many comments regarding my blog. All have been very positive. Thank you.

People have also asked me. “Why do you write pages and not posts?

Well, from my experience training in Budo, nothing comes to you served on a sliver platter. Soke asks everyone to have the confidence in themselves and take control of their own lives. This means that on occassions he infact turns his back on people to make them realise that they must rely on themselves. 

Soke doesn’t teach budo in a 1,2,3 step manner. It’s up to us to discern the best way for our own lives. We must capture the essence and the secrets by our own means. Therefore, he admonishes us to hold the mindset of an anthropologist and seek out the connections of man and budo while learning about life and the wonders of the natural,spiritual and historical world that has gone before us.

The way of Ninpo is not one that can be understood. Also, the common sense of a ninja is not necessarily the same as the common sense of an un-trained person. So, for someone that gets frustrated when another doesn’t follow the “most logical way”  or  the ” most common way”, they cannot be called martial artists.

I have naturally found that I wrote pages in order to make people seek. If people really want to read my words borrowed by my teachers, than they must search. If it is something new, something that they haven’t yet read before, then it’s up to them to take the time and look for it. It’s always more rewarding when you find something after expressing a little individual effort don’t you think?

Soke has often said that it is good to go over or re-read books from time to time. As a result, we may actually come to understand the words written in a completely different way. This is natural.

So, if you accidently click onto a page that you have previously read, you may decide to read it again. If so, I hope you get something different out of it than when you first read it.

After that, you may browse the pages a little more until an unfamiliar one sparks your interest. This is probably a new inclusion. Therefore, you have found what you are searching for and will be happy.

Thank you for supporting this blog.


Good luck in your training,