Training in Japan – Tengu weapons on-line Bujinkan training updates

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Craig Olson and I have been discussing having clips on his website  for download through subscription. The clips would be my practise based on the classes I attend here in Japan with the Japanese Shihan and Hatsumi Soke.

The clips would be around 2-5 minutes long.

The clips are not intended to be instructional. The clips are intended for those Bujinkan members who wish to maintain a connection with  training in between their trips to Japan,Taikai,or seminars with people who live or visit Japan.

The concept is to only give ideas to aid everyone in continuing their own personal training and stay close to the training as experienced in Japan.

We will concentrate on mostly “henka” and not that of  kata. Particular points will be mentioned, but for further understanding and clarity, it is essential that everyone maintains their connection with their teachers, the Shihan and Soke in Japan.

I must stress that it is very important for everyone ( no matter what rank ) to firstly purchase Soke’s DVDs and books and study them as well as you can. These are his wishes.

The proposed clips are not intended to take place of your normal dojo training or attendance to seminars and Japan. We hope that the clips but help maintain a spark in your training and understanding of the importance to maintain a connection with Soke, the Shihan and Japan.

We will not go ahead unless we feel there will be enough people interested in the service.

Cost will be a minimal monthly payment and will be user friendly.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please show us your interest by replying to this post.

Many thanks in advance,

Duncan & Craig

28 Responses to “Training in Japan – Tengu weapons on-line Bujinkan training updates”

  1. Yvan Moise Says:

    Absolutely interested!! I’ve trained with both of you and always look forward to training with you again. I strongly believe the Bujinkan community will benefit from these vids. Good luck and can’t wait to see the products!!

  2. Michael Noel Jones Says:

    I would be most interested in seeing the ideas that are current in Japan. I intend to visit towards the end of next year, and keeping abreast of the training throughout the year would help make my trip even more beneficial.

  3. Hi Duncan and Craig

    I am a family man with 3 children and as such I unfortunately can’t go to japan more than once every year, sometimes longer…
    Therefore it would be great for me to see these glimpses of what is going on.
    I always have a plan for my teachings at the dojo but I also want training for me, so being able to see these clips and reflect on, what they awaken in me, would be a gift!
    The fact, that they are not meant to be instructional, makes them of even greater benefit, because I will have to find my own answers…!

    Kind Regards

  4. This would be a good thing.
    i would join u guys…good luck!

  5. I am definitely interested.

  6. Hi Duncan & Craig,

    This idea is sent from heaven. Where do I subscribe?

    Thank you,


  7. Nicolas Gomez Iglesias, Denmark Says:

    Hi Duncan and Craig.

    Great idea! Looking forward to subscribing and seeing the videos.



  8. Duncan

    A great Idea please sign me up. I have most of Sokes DVD’s which are great when I have an hour or so free to watch them, but find short clips are a great way of getting a refesher before class.



  9. Duncan,

    This is a wonderful idea, count my dojo and I in for this one. If you have plans to make it happen, please go ahead!!! This is going to be great!!!

  10. David Zamora Says:

    Awesome idea! /Raises hand in interest!

  11. Anthony Lucas Says:

    The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible…… Borrowed this quote from a friend. In any case, I’ll be so looking forward to this project. So many people in the past have had the same idea and nothing materialized for some reason. Personally I think you and Craig and many others are truly transmitting the art to the newer and older generations. Enough said. Lets do it fellows!

  12. I think there would be interested members in the states as well.

  13. Doug Tweedy Says:


    Training with you was fantastic; having the opportunity to see you training with the concepts from Soke’s and Nagato sensei’s class would be awesome. Let us know when you plan to do this. My group and I are in!


  14. Chris Chen Says:

    I would also be interested in seeing this project happen, count me in.

  15. marc dillembourg Says:

    Great idea !!! Definitely interested 😀

  16. Facundo Arroyo Says:

    It’s a great idea, i’m very intersted. Thank you for keeping the connection.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  17. I’m in, sounds like a great initiative!

  18. I think this is an awesome idea.. You can also count me in!

  19. Love the idea, you can count me in on this one.

  20. Lex Coleman Says:

    Duncan – great idea; count me in. Be budo. LAC

  21. Maryuu Niewcas Says:

    yes: great idea. I am interested.

  22. Count me in, great idea.

  23. Hi Duncan,

    I really get a lot out of training with you when Phil, Morandir and myself get to Japan, and when you have seminars in Sydney, so this would great. Very interested in this.

  24. Tony Serrata Says:

    Great idea!!

  25. It’s a great idea, i’m very intersted.

  26. Alvaro Hurtado Says:

    I write from Chile, Santiago.
    I find a very good opportunity and assistance for those unable to go to Japan.
    I hope to purchase the DVD.

    Saludos y suerte.

  27. Absolutely, I’m very excited about such an idea

  28. I think it would be a great idea.

    Joe Lillis

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