The ” Mind & Eyes of a Child “

I have a book shelf full of various books, of various titles, genres,fiction,non fiction, and general interest topics. I have never ( in my son’s presence ) taken out any of Soke’s books to read or have left them lying around the house.

Kai has a keen interest in books and loves to draw now. Whenever he visits the book shelf, he routinely takes out Soke’s four Kodansha books!

Last night, he took out ” Japanese Sword Fighting “. He sat down and pointed to Soke on the cover and looked up at me as he did so.

 He then proceeded to flick through the pages. The first page he stopped at had the subtitle ” Master and Student ” ( page 160 ).   He looked up at me and pointed at the title.

He then flicked through the pages again and stopped and pointed to a picture of Takamatsu Osensei in Kenjutsu kamae (  page 210 ).

There is a connection, and this connection is not about words, but feeling.

I found this evening very interesting and enjoyed the moment greatly.

The mind and eyes of a child.

5 Responses to “The ” Mind & Eyes of a Child “”

  1. What a wonderful post!

    How blessed are children in their untainted ability to catch the feeling and see things from a different perspective – “through the eyes of a child”.

    Let’s work playfully to regain that ability…

  2. Luke Crocker Says:

    my daughter just began playing with some of my “toys”. At the moment shes running back and forth with a Kunai in one hand and a Jutte in the other and uttering a shreaking battle cry… music to my ears lol!

  3. This article was given to me by my flatmate I have been searching for this for a while thank you!

  4. I actually definitely must think much more in that area to see what i can do regarding it.

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