Shugyo January Clips

For those interested in joining the Shugyo training for the first time, or renewing their previous subscription, we would like to let you know about the up and coming January clips for download.

Training in Japan with Soke and the Shihan will finish by the end of the month. As a result, there will be a rest period for approximately two weeks.

We have a special offer for those subscribing for January!

During the break period, we will offer 6 previously unreleased clips for download!

If you subscribe for three or six months ( starting in January ), you will receive the 6 bonus ( holiday special clips ) plus 4 clips based on training and philosophy from the  first classes of the New Year with Soke and the Shitenno!!

This is a total of 10 clips for the month of January!!

The first class for Soke begins on the 5th of January. We will record on Sunday 1oth after his third class. The first clip of the New Year will be then available that week!

If you want to know the theme and what happened at Sokes first classes of the New Year, subscribing is a must!

Please note, This offer does not apply to 1 month subscribers.

Details will be available soon through

I’d also like to reiterate the following:

The Shugyo Clips are to predominantly give a visual interpretation of the Budo Taijutsu currently practised with Soke and the Japanese Shihan. The clips are not intended to thoroughly pass on philosophy,details on technique,densho, and themes, etc. These points will be raised, but only in a general sence.

If you wish to hear or know more, please read my blog and follow the latest entries that will hopefully compliment the Shugyo clips.

This service is not intended to replace training in Japan or with the jugodan around the world. It is but another resource for students who wish to develop a broader knowledge through the eyes of a foreigner residing and studying at the Bujinkan Dojo in Japan.

Also, a more user friendly download system will be operating very soon. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Duncan & Craig

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