Noda Junior High School Embu 2006

Photo taken by Urban Grundstrom

This Embu was on a sunday.  It was on the playing field of a Junior High School in Noda. The ground was very unstable and the vibrations from the Mompa ( battle hammer ) when it hit the ground was felt from everyone sitting about 10 metres away!

The following day was National Sports Day and the annual Ayase Budokan Embu. Many of the same particpants from the Noda High School Embu performed for this important Bujinkan Embu aswell.

 Photos of both Embu can be seen at .

Thanks to Bujinkan Tetsu Dojo in Sweden.

One Response to “Noda Junior High School Embu 2006”

  1. The embu was on the 9th of October 2006. The day after, the 10th, it was in Ayase. I have pictures of that too.

    It was a bit nerve wracking. 🙂
    I had a sword, attacking my training buddy who was defending with a spear.


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