Rokkon Shoujou Bujinden Kakejiku

Tonight was the first class with Soke at the Bujinden. Soke arrived with a tachi and a new kakejiku to be displayed next to the kamidana. Prior to the commencement of class, Soke stood and watched as buyu assisted Yabunaka san erect the hanging scroll depicting the philosophical concept / theme of the year.


The New Kakejiku in the Bujinkan Hombu has a few extra elements to it. My explanation will be definately incomplete. I hope to gain more information to clarify some points very soon.

The main large kanji states the theme Rokkon Shoujou

The kanji used by Soke for Roku is 禄.

When it is combined with Kan such as Kanroku 貫禄, it can mean ” Regal Dignity”, or a person of high status,and influence.

Kon 根 is written as Tamashii, or the ” Soul “.

The kanji used by Soke for Shou 清 is written as  Warau, or  Laugh”.

The kanji used  for Jou is written as 淨. This permeates the meaning of Pure, Clear,Cleansing or Purity “.

The kanji on the top left reads Seigi Dai Bujin. This was briefly mentioned by Soke in regards to the establishment of the Dai Bujingu ( shrine ) that will be apparently constructed at an undisclosed time or place in the future.

The five square red stamps ( hanko ) on the left side were explained to Craig Olson by Soke as to represent the godai or five elements. Again, this needs clarification as we were unable to get close enough to see the kanji in the hanko’s  before the kakejiku was raised.

The bottom left kanji is Sokes main signature.

The kanji in the top right hand corner is the date.

The kanji in the bottom right hand corner is Toradoshi ( year of the tiger ).

The large red hanko in the bottom left hand corner and the small red hanko in the middle at the top is, Soke’s main Hanko ( in two sizes ).


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  1. fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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