In Japan the “Tiger” is an awesome animal and preciously revered not just in Japan but the entire Asian adjoining societies.

Specifically in Japan the tiger is the emblem of the great aristocratic warriors famously known as the samurai. The tiger represents the virtue of courage. It also means revision, improvement, change, and the zen good.

The animal has a context of “the poweful one” in the Asian culture. Respected leaders in the Sengoku Samurai era such as Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi were called “the Tiger” for their strength.

China’s legend has 4 guardian god creatures protecting the Emperor’s palace at the four corners. The exact same guardians have been incorporated  by the Japanese culture as well. They are mentioned with the Japanese emperors’ affiliated properties as well as very famous Edo castle in Japan. The guardian god that protects the West corner is a “white tiger”. The very popular tourist spot called “tora no mon” or Tiger’s gate in Tokyo is called that because it is on the west side of where the Edo castle is.


Tasmania no Tora


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