Daikomyosai Photos by Sheila Haddad

The current Shugyo-Budo for Life header is courtesy of Sheila Haddad.

Here is another great shot taken by Sheila of Nagato Shihan at the Daikomyosai last year.

Great shots Sheila. Thank you !

For more photos, please see Sheila’s website.


5 Responses to “Daikomyosai Photos by Sheila Haddad”

  1. Please keep this excellent blog going. I really like watching Soke in videos on the internet. He appears to act spontaneously, naturally and without effort. I wonder if this is because he no longer perceives subject and object. You are very lucky to train with him. Thank you for sharing a little bit of his world!

  2. Agustin Martinez Says:

    What a picture !

    I think, and this is my very personal interpretation (or dream) of what Sensei Nagato may be thinking ….. hi looks at all that and start realizing that maeby one of those days – it may have to take over the heavy responsabilitis that Soke will endorse him .. ???

  3. Hi Duncan,
    Just a note to say it was a pleasure catching up with you in January. This is a great blog site and I endorse Penor’s comment – “Thank you for sharing your experiences”.

  4. Thomas Curran Says:

    That photo speaks the truth in many different ways.

  5. totally awesome and so informitive …may peace folllow you X9

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