The purity of the moonlight,
Falling out of the immense sky,
Is so great that it freezes
The water touched by its rays.
 – Anonymous

I was soaking in the Onsen near my home just a few days ago. I was alone in the rock pool outside. I suddenly felt the need to view the moon. I  laid back and as the steam rose around me,  admired it’s grace.

There was a cold breeze blowing and the light coverage of cloud raced across the night sky, dampening the twinkle of shimmering stars.

The moon held a stong sence of solidity. The clouds were weak and when they passed, the moon controlled it’s space by making them transparent.

The moon had a bright glow that enveloped it. The glow created a visual which seemingly redirected the clouds around it’s ring of light.

Every single thing
Changes and is changing
Always in this world.
Yet with the same light
The moon goes on shining

– Saigyo

 A day later, a good buyu from Tasmania sent me an email. Within that email he had attached a photo of the moon that he had taken recently in the southern sky!
I felt straight away, that this was something special.
Biggest Full Moon of the Year – 29th January 2010
A day later, I read that the moon was going to be at it’s largest for the year.
Like most orbits, the Moon travels in an elliptical, not a circular path around the Earth; tonight the Moon reaches “perigee,” its closest approach to us.
The connection that was made by my friend and I from across the equater was due to the power of the moon. Neither of us knew that the moon was entering this once in a year phase either.
Being a bugeisha is to learn to accept that we are connected to one another through the natural world. This is not about being religous, but understand the truth of life through acceptance.
This is the path I try to maintain through the medium of budo.
I can’t help feel that Tsuki-yomi ( the moon god and Amaterasu’s brother ),  had a strong influence connecting me again with my great friend and buyu from Tasmania.
Bugetsu Ikkan
Follow the Martial Moon!

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