Gogyo no Kata & the Tachi

Earlier this year, Soke mentioned that the Gogyo no Kata was developed during the era of the Tachi.

We can then come to understand the significance and the relationship of the tachi to the Shoshin no kamae and the various movements demonstrated within the Chi, Mizu, Hi, Kaze, and Ku no kata.

The tachi is also a battle field weapon used while wearing yoroi. We can then appreciate that the larger movements are as a result of the restrictiveness of the yoroi.

The striking methods of the Gogyo no Kata are also different from that of the Kihon Happo Koshi Kihon Sanpo.

To understand the “way of the tachi” we must study and practise the Gogyo no kata.

5 Responses to “Gogyo no Kata & the Tachi”

  1. Alejandro Mosqueda Says:

    thank you very much for share ¡¡¡¡

  2. Alexander Camargo Says:

    Hello Duncan, please would you explain the diference between ichimonji from Hoshi kihon sanpo and Hi no Kata from Gogyo no kata? At tsimple view both seem to have the same structure, but I’m sure they have a different essence. Thanks in advance.

  3. Randall Engle Says:

    I remember back in March you saying something along those lines, at your class in Kashiwa you mentioned we should practice the Tachi with the feeling of the San Shin no Kata….perhaps this is what you meant and the way I heard it was the way I wanted to hear it 🙂

    Either way good point of advice to listen to. Will implement in my thoughts and see what comes of it. Of course, nothing beats being there.

  4. Thank you very much for posting this Blog and Hope to Bow in with you someday Soon! Im in Conejo valley California and I’m from Nebraska and Im on Face Book and my name is Richard Hinz and have many Bujinkan buddies and other Arts that I share enlightenment with! As did Soke for all of us! Feel free to come play with me as i come to play with you! Thanks for being a light in Dai Kyo Myo!

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