Godan Test Renshu?

There is NO practice for the 5th dan test!

Soke strongly reiterated that today after class at Hombu. Mark Lithgow translated.

There is no practise for the 5th dan test.

On another occasion, the following has also been stressed.

When you have reached  4th dan, by the time you are ready for the test, your taihenjutsu should be at the level to give you the ability to avoid the sword when you have “sensed the sakki “.

To reiterate, there is no “specific practise” or ” correct method to move” that needs to be memorized and rehearsed for the test.

Soke asks that ( unless on special circumstances sanction directly by him )  that ALL 15th dans must do the test in his presence. This is very important.

Those that are performing it in their dojo, are not to practice the test. If you are practising with a student in front of you, then you are really actually doing it, aren`t you.

This is against Sokes wishes.

What I have mentioned above are words directly spoken by Hatsumi Sensei and Noguchi Shihan.

Bufu Ikkan

5 Responses to “Godan Test Renshu?”

  1. As Duncan says, Today soke pointed this out very much when all three failed on first attempt. rocking about thinking you can time it will not work as one found out. You need to relax, empty your mind and just wait. if its going to happen it will and you will move.

  2. Andrew Holder Says:

    I had to do it 3 times to reach my first dan. I did it 3 times and passed but was not happy that I had to. Didnt matter though because I was suspended for 6 months 3 days after. I never went back though so all is good. I am past worrying or yearning for grades I just want to bring my kids up to be the best they can be. Best wishes to all

  3. “There is no practics for the Godan Test”

    And still we all do it!


  4. Andrew Holder Says:

    Once you have done it you really notice how often you do it without realising in many different circumstances, At least that is what I have found.

  5. RIchard Says:

    In England a couple of instructors are giving godan tests, and most students practice several times for it. This is pretty common knowledge.

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