Moko Speaks

This excerpt is from a piece written by Nagato Shihan published in Tetsuzan. It is a timeless piece because of it`s complete honesty. He speaks the ultimate truth.

Don`t be too quick to dismiss his words as being irrelevant to you. Or, that you feel he is speaking to everybody but You. No one is exempt here. We all need to be honest with ourselves and constantly be vigilant in keeping our motivations pure to maintain the true path.

” Some people come to train in Japan from overseas. That requires some doing, and I take my hat off to all such people. However, just coming to Japan once or twice and staying for a few days can`t teach you much. And especially those whose heads are full up and confused with concepts like speed,power,business,etc will find it harder and harder to understand what this budo is all about.

After a few years, they may be succeeding to a certain extent. But then they have  to think of how to protect the livelihood,status and honor that budo has brought them, and it`s the beginning of the end. They do not even notice when they slip off the true path, and start wandering through a maze.

If someone doesn`t understand  budo , it doesn`t matter how much they wonder about whether the present training system is suited for country X or not: they haven`t got a hope of understanding.”


7 Responses to “Moko Speaks”

  1. Fernando Says:


  2. Words of wisdom.Thankyou

  3. John Amazonas Says:

    The ego is a stone armour enveloping the light of being. Why should light be protected? What could possibly strike at pure light? By prothecting self image budoca and humanity itself march straight to hell, confident they are doing their best. As the old saying goes: “The road to hell is full of good intentions”. Good and evil are two politicians barganing with human sanity, justice is the only way!

  4. As with all people and all nations of the world you are Gifts and I need not travel to Japan to be connected to the gifts of the Bujinkan! They go and come home and I play with your shadows and Illusions in them! I channel the Love of the Lord and Budo may understand this as Aiki or pure energy! Perceptions different but vibrational tone is the same! Attunement of the body or attonement of the heart! Once dialed in! Everything is a gift heaven and hell are connected by the little space between your left brain and right brain I call the mirror! Its where Dai Kyo Myo accurs! Your gifts of enlightenment through my body for attunement One must dial into the Lord for attonement! Miso is what we become a new flavor of your ingrediants! Like a seasoning you make us tastier to reflect new enlightenment! Keep your light shing bright Toshiro Nagato for you are my Lighthouse! Hatsumi is the light connection and Mrs Hatsumi is the flame that keeps him turned on! Always consider the source! God Loves you and so do I and all the angels and demons say AMEN!

  5. Andrew Holder Says:

    The universe is a harsh mistress but she is also fair, fall of the path of truth and you will surround yourself with lies. Stick to the path and she will guide youi towards the knowledge of who she is why we are here and how we can keep growing once we have left our physical prisons behind. Only by being open and willing to realise that we are only where we are at the moment because she wills it to be that way. Budo is a way of finding the path and once on it helping to spread the joy of creation through the suffering of hardships. I salute you all who travel for the benefit of all humanity and not just ourselves

  6. Hi Duncan,
    Apologies for writting in this sectionbut couldn’t find an email for you.
    I was just wondering, I heard you were coming to England for a semianr, is that true? If so where and when?
    Thanks mate

    • Duncan Stewart Says:

      Hi Daniel,
      Please see my page titled ” Duncan Stewart Bushinden Kai” for seminar details.
      Kind regards,

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