Sanshin no Kata

Last Tuesday at Ayase, Soke had a few people ( including myself ) demonstrate the Sanshin no Kata by themselves.

We were then all instructed to practise by ourselves in the dojo.

Noguichi Shihan ( as always ) was gracious enough to pass on important aspects of tai – sabakai and te – sabaki in regards to these kata as well.

Even at this point of his life, Soke obviously still feels and wants people to recognise the importance of these kata.

We must ALL maintain vigilance in developing sound basics and do our best to practise well.

4 Responses to “Sanshin no Kata”

  1. As a beginner, who has found much spiritual fulfillment in practicing, Sanshin no kata is one of the most enjoyable (techniques….) to learn. And definitely feels like a base point -physically and spiritually, fluid (conscious of many elements) yet grounded.

  2. As i’m re-reading Soke’s books , i beleave Takamatsu sensei & Soke both said these were most important forms to master.
    On another note , i really enjoy reading your insight’s from training / experience, thankyou for these moments which i ponder & enjoy.

    Could you expand on what Noguichi Shihan explain ed as well ?
    ” important aspects of tai – sabakai and te – sabaki in regards to these kata as well.”


  3. William Says:

    I agree Duncan. After training Noguchi sensei was kind enought to teach me some extra points as well. What I love (And sometimes frustrates me) about Bujinkan is that is always something new! So even after training for 24 years I still havent understood our basics yet.
    But having that awareness about your self, makes you also more curios and more determined to keep training the basics and never give up! Keep going!

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