Shut up and Train

Those that train hard need not seek territory or the like.

Their training integrity and skill will naturally attract both good and bad people.

What is most important is to ” shut up and train “.

Your training is the most important. If you spend your energy criticising or complaining about others, you are no better than those who you feel are wrong. You are in fact stagnating your growth as a person and budoka.

It is much better to let everyone go and concentrate on ones own training and life. this is the most important thing. Ones own Shugyo.

If people are not harming others, there is no need to interfere. Use them as lessons for you. Learn from them. People have their own lives and destiny.

Natural Justice is something that is active in the Bujinkan. Allow nature to take it`s course. Don`t interfere. Are you larger than nature?

Look into the past and see how those that failed in the Bujinkan disappeared. These people naturally removed themselves without any intervention. People end up destroying themselves. This is nature weeding out the good from the bad.


Shut up and Train.

3 Responses to “Shut up and Train”

  1. criticizing ourself is best. not giving the power to criticizers by feeding in, but rather focus on one’s own development of self.

    ” Shut up and Train. “ – 🙂

  2. […] the quip at the start was inspired by Duncan Stewart’s post Shut up and Train. […]

  3. I would love to place this blog entry on USADOJO.COM!

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