Vancouver Bushinden Kai

What a beautiful city. The sun was shining constantly for us during my weeks stay. It was warm and the people were friendly. I felt very comfortable.

I had moments of pure gratitude for the wonderful experiences that training in the Bujinkan has given me.

Paul Mann hosted my Bushinden Kai and had organised the seminar to be outside in a nice parkland area.

Paul is an excellent host and is a very friendly and hospitable person with the Bujinkan heart. It was also nice to meet his family and spend some time with them.

As the training was outside, I enjoyed learning about moving according to the environment.

I moved naturally to higher ground at all times when training and transmitting. This also put the sun in my training partners eyes. This occured naturally. when I became conscious of this, I was again pleasantly reminded that Sokes teachings are real and, that we come to move without knowing why we move the way we do.

We also moved with the shadows to protect us from the sun. This therefore continuosly changed the training area slightly and required us all to become more aware of our surroundings.

The training became more secluded and private in nature due to changing with the sun. We trained between expanses of trees and shrubs to conceal us not only from the rays but, the people not related to training who ventured past.

I naturally found us gravitating back to the basics. We studied the fundamentals and then I attempted to show how the basics are eventually made transparent when moving more neutrally and naturally in Henka.

We practised Tachi waza, Bojutsu, Hanbojutsu, Tantojutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Metsubushi, and various other aspects of training as they naturally arose.

Soke speaks of inspiration. I found that the change of environment inspired me to practise what is often spoken about in the dojo yet, rarely actually practised.

It is easy to become distracted when you are outside. I found it also good training to learn how to maintain ones focus yet aware of the constantly changing environment that we were training in.

Vancouver is a wonderful place and I enjoyed my time there very much. Thank you Paul, your students and to everyone else who supported the two days training.It was fun to dine and talk with enjoy everyones company.

From Vancouver, I travelled with Ryan Coffey to his home by ferry to Nanaimo. This island is a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver. It is a very beautiful area.

We relaxed and walked along the seashore and then returned to his home to be treated to a tasty BBQ of steak, salmon and some devilish 8% strength beer.

I was also surprised to see Deer roaming freely within suburbia too. This wasn`t something I get to see every day.

Every morning I would rise early and walk and exercise before breakfast. It was nice to see the sun rise over the mountains and feel the freshness of the morning on your skin.

I left Nanaimo on a Seaplane to return to my hotel in Vancouver. It was a quick trip across the water but, it was a nice way to see the landscape.

A Seal saying “hello” to us  near the plane just before leaving Nanaimo.

Thank you to everyone who made my stay enjoyable and relaxing. I`m  looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

“I have recently attended a seminar in Vancouver, BC. I saw Duncan show the reasons of how the basic forms have so much importance to effective taijutsu. He moves in a way with precise kamae and light natural movement. I am really happy to understand a little more about how the basics of taijutsu are so important and light natural movement will only be obtained by mastering the basics.”

Thank you Duncan!!!!!

Ted, Taka-Seigi Dojo Vancouver

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