Los Angeles Bushinden Kai

With Buyu and Los Angeles Bushinden Kai host, Tom Houlden.

The sun was shining and the pool was inviting. I was treated to a wonderful week of living it up at ” The Standard “. This hotel is hip and groovy a great relaxing atmosphere. I spent many hours by the pool turning into a “bronzed Auzzie” at last!

Tom is a great host. He showed me many interesting places and his “english” hospitality made me feel right at home. Being a part of the Commonwealth, I felt that our humor was similar and that we could converse freely  and from the heart.

I must also greatly thank Eric for his great support and without him, the Los Angeles Bushinden Kai may have never eventuated. Thank you Eric.

Lance Kumm and Andy Martin

The training over the weekend was very enjoyable. We touched on aspects of the Kihon and ways to gain a better personal understanding.

Many people a bewildered or floundering in the current training era. We have to seek a balance in our training and learn where what we are doing comes from. This is important on many levels.

Basic movements are the basis of ALL our training. I still cannot do the basics as well as I would like. in fact, every time I do them I learn something new and hopefully, something better to improve on.

“The Standard Hotel”

If you think you know the basics, test it on various students. Do you know what I mean?

If you understand the basics, then you will have a level of mastery where you can consistently perform taijutsu waza on anyone. Just look at the shitenno. They can train on anyone and not have to vary the structure of their movement. Can you do that?

If not, then why not? What do you have to do to gain this ability of consistency?

If you know the answer, please tell me!

But, if you can tell me, then I expect you to be able to “walk the talk.” If you cannot, then you are theorizing.

Action speaks louder than words. All we have to do is watch with clear open eyes and learn to see the ones that have this consistency. This is what I try and do.

Thanks to all who attended the Los Angeles training. It was a great two days and I`m looking forward to seeing many of you in San Diego at the end of the month.

Bufu Ikkan

3 Responses to “Los Angeles Bushinden Kai”

  1. Brian Eller Says:

    Excellent training Duncan! There was so much there that I have years of processing and insight on the road ahead from the feel and ideas of the training. The emphasis on Tsunagaru, Tanryoku, Shizen no Ugoki, Chuto Hanpa, and the feeling behind them is somthing that I look forward to hopefully, understanding. I think you did a great job of showing the way to the trail! I also greatly appreciated the emphasis on basics. For example, breaking down hicho to its roots and challenging yourself to get better at each piece before the whole. This was one of my most memorable moments in time and I hope to learn from you again soon.
    Thank you.

  2. Firstly I am a big fan of your shugyo blog. It is a great help. There are insights and perspectives that work in concert with training and my life perfectly that can be read here.

    Secondly, I would like to apologise for reaching you in this manner, but I know of no other way to reach you. It is great to hear that you are in the states and wish that I could see a bit of you in your stay here. Would it be possible to get back to me concerning your U.S. travel plans?

    Hope that you’re well and the states are treating you exelently.
    -Jeremy W.

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