New Jersey Bushinden Kai

For the second time now I have ben hosted by Chris Carbonaro of the Tanuki Dojo. He and Nao welcomed me to their home again and made me feel very comfortable as always. With a constant licking from the dogs, it was sometimes hard to concentrate on conversations ( lol ) but, it was nice to relax and take things slowly in between classes.

Chris & Nao

My first class was held at the Tanuki Dojo. We all had a good time training. It was great to meet up with Steven Schmidt ( Danger, High Voltage! )

Also a very good friend of mine Oliver Piskurek from Germany. He was on holiday in New York. We found out that we were going to be both in NY at the same time. So, this was great timing.

Tanuki Dojo Training

The Tanuki Dojo is now gaining popularity and support by the local Japanese community.

On Wednesday, many of us met in New York at the Tanjiki Dojo. With our tour guide Chris Chen, we went for lunch and then proceeded by bicycles to Central Park.

I had never been to Central Park. It was great to leisurely ride and get lost in and around the park. I was surprised at how green and clean everything was.

We ventured to the New York City Museum to visit an exhibition regarding the first visit by Samurai to New York City. It was very interesting.

That evening, after recovering from our bike ride and saying goodbye to Oliver, we had class at the Tanjiki Dojo. Members from various dojos attended. The Gokui Dojo,Maten Dojo,Seion Dojo,Tanuki Dojo, New York Dojo, Musoza Dojo, and the Tanjiki Dojo.

The dojo was small but, it was a good size to install the feeling of training in Japan. It also required people to change their habits and move according to the environment. soke teaches this.

We were therefore having to be very mindful or our surroundings and possible injuries. i therefore asked people to consider Chuto Hanpa as a means of protecting your training partner and those training around you. Needless to say, there were no injuries, and people trained well.

After training, it was great to meet, sit ,and chat with senior members of the Bujinkan Community from around the New York area. We drank and ate while chatting and laughing, making time transparent.

Thanks everyone for a great evening.

The next day, we relaxed and had a second class at the Tanuki Dojo. We covered the Sanshin no Kata as a warm up and then worked on variations using the feeling of the sanshin tsuki. It was also good to see Anthony Lucas who has recently moved to the New Jersey area.

We all went to a pool with Anthony to relax in the sun the next day. We were very relaxed and I felt it was a good thing for the body and mind before the Bushinden Kai on the weekend.

The 2 days training at the Crowne Plaza hotel convention room was fantastic. People from New York, Florida,Canada, Arkansas,Virginia,Philadelphia,Washington DC, Pennsylvania,and New Jersey attended.

The weather ( ten ) was fantastic, the location ( chi ) was great, and the people ( jin ) were beautiful Bujinkan buyu.I felt that we moved toward training that complimented the environment we were all in. There was great improvement seen in all participants during the training.

Maybe the regal feeling of the room with persian carpets and chandeliers made people more light on their feet and dance freely in heart like a Grande Ball? lol. The manager of the hotel was also very impressed with the feeling and manners of everyone and expressed his devotion to helping with any future seminars or functions.

It is very interesting to notice the disharmony of the group when bowing in. Everyone arrives to the dojo with minds pre-occupied from life outside.The timing of the claps as we say Shikin Haramitsu Dai Komyo! are often not in sync. Yet, it is very interesting to note that at the end of a class, when we all bow out, everyone claps in unison. Together.

Training brings people together and develops the Bushin no wa or, a harmony among us. We are training to understand about “connections” and the “human sences” to find true happiness.

It`s great to be able to nourish this alongside buyu and to really see the positive effects of training together.

Rokkon Shoujou

2nd day

I am now on the way to Montreal. I will meet Manolo and Estelle for a week of relaxing and training. Who ever is coming to the Montreal training, I`ll see you there!

Tanuki dojo

Thank you again to Chris Carbonaro, Nao Carbonaro, and Chris Chen, for their hospitality, conversations, and support during my weeks stay.

The Tanjiki Dojo will sponsor me for a 2011 Bushinden Kai. This will be held in the New York City / Manhattan area I believe. I am looking forward to returning next year and training again with everyone.

Bufu Ikkan.


2 Responses to “New Jersey Bushinden Kai”

  1. Want to thank you for sharing your insights and for a very nice time!

  2. Douig Tweedy Says:

    We had an absolutely wonderful time! The training was very inspirational…to see the same concepts and patterns of movements as we see in the training in Japan, really helps the feeling of maintaining the connection.

    Thanks again!

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