Kihon Renshu

Soke recently stated at the end of class that everyone needs to practise the Kihon Happo and Gogyo no Kata.

It was also reiterated by Noguchi Shihan that people need to train in lower kamae and not become lazy in their movements.

We all have to develop a solid foundation in our taijutsu.

To do this, it is important to pick a teacher and stick with their teachings until you develop a solid fundamental grounding of the kihon.

From there, the body will be able to assimilate various movements from other teachers more easily.

It is therefore a good idea to find a teacher as your ” base” teacher. Please choose wisely.

From there, you can visit other dojo and integrate the movements of Teachers into your foundation to help you grow, gain a larger appreciation and hopefully a better understaning of Soke and the Bujinkan Ryuha.

“We must have strong roots and develop a solid core to grow into a tree with whipping branches and the resilience to bend with the winds of change.”


4 Responses to “Kihon Renshu”

  1. very true.
    roots are everythng, to learn about one’s self, one should always learn to return to there roots, with out our roots there is no tree to grow, returning to your roots (tradition and basics) makes for a stronger foundation, stronger art and positive life

  2. So very true but i bet many (including Shihans) won’t heed those words, they just nod, say they understand and carry on doing their own thing, why do they make it hard for themselves?

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