Bujinkan Deutschland

Last nights training at Steffen Frohlichs Dojo in Frankfurt was very enjoyable.

The Dojo is well established. It had a wonderful atmosphere and the people were very approachable and open to learning and training.

The training moved quickly.

We stopped for tea and relaxed and talked, just like in Japan.

I felt very comfortable and the training flowed very well, I thought. At the end, I was surprised to be asked to come to teach a seminar by Steffen.

This was a very humble experience for me, as will be teaching alongside Peter King on the weekend at his 25th Dojo Anniversary Taikai.

These people I am talking to now are people I only used to read about and see in books and magazines. The Bujinkan is wonderful. Now I am able to sit next to and talk to these people who were training when I was just beginning in the Bujinkan. And, when you talk to them, they are very accepting and relaxed people. I really feel ” the heart of a three year child ” in many of these people.

They ( to me ) have really captured the ” kokoro ” of Sokes Bujinkan Dojo and teachings. It is fantastic to be a part of this isn`t it!

Steffen and Sabine have been in the Bujinkan for many, many years. They are very nice and successful people in society and are wonderful ambassadors of the Bujinkan Dojo.

As are his students. In his words he said, ” there are only good people in my dojo, the bad are wiped out.”

After class I was asked by Sabine to sign a guest book. I looked through it and found that Soke,Noguchi Sensei,Sveneric Bogsater,Jack Hoban, Kevin Millis and many more, have visited the dojo over the years.

It was a great honor to be given the same chance. It was then ( at the point of seeing the guest book ) that I understood the ” feeling ” I recieved when entering the dojo.  It  was the years of wonderful Bujinkan Sensei projecting the Bujinkan Heart.


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