Reutlingen Bushinden Kai

” The most kissed girl in the world!” – Gottingen.

I caught the train from Gottingen to Stuttgart. It`s always interesting to catch trains in different countries. This particular train was clean,comfortable and quiet. A nice way to relax and enjoy the scenery.

I met Holger at the station and we travelled to his home in a village outside of Reutligen. I`d stayed there before and knew I would be warm, comfortable and well fed! I always look forward to Germany. It is in my blood. However, I always have to get back to my fitness and Japanese diet when I get home to loose the calories!

We trained at the dojo nearly everynight, except the night we went to the Oktoberfest in Stuttgart! Hic.

Holger has moved dojo and has found a very nice place with a great view. He shares the dojo with an Aikido practitioner. The dojo has an excellent feeling. Holger concentrates on the ” fundamental forms ” of the Bujinkan and trains extensively with Someya Sensei. Holger not only recieves good training in the waza of the particular schools but, returns to his own dojo and spends serious time and study in coming to understand and develop ability in the movements.

Influenced by this feeling of the dojo, we studied taijutsu from the Ten Chi Jin. It is obvious that we all perform the movements differently. There is no way we as individual human beings can perform the waza exactly as each other. Also, the manner in which we filter the waza and interpret the teachings differs alot too. As a result, it is important for me ( and I think many other teachers ) to make clear that the waza are individual interpretations of ones experiences. We may say that we learn from particular teachers in Japan but, we must be honest and not say ” this is the correct way”, especially in regards to waza. We may say it is the correct way as practised in XYZ dojo, however, to clearly state the way you do something is the only way, is dangerous for you.

Holger makes it clear that he studies from a particular teacher and attempts to absorb their teachings through his heart and body to the best of his ability. This cleary is shown in his movement. And, I truly believe that the greatest compliment when initially learning something for a teacher, is to move like them.

There must be a level of intensity to the training. However, it must remain controlled. People try to raise the intensity of the training and they loose their equilibrium. And, it just becomes “Childs Play”. Everything they learned or are trying to learn turns to nothing. They become lost. The intensity I speak of is a conviction and a focus. This is the ” Majime Asobu”. That is, we must play seriously like adults.

I think that the evolution of ones training in Shin Gi Tai Ichi is tested when one reaches 15th dan and, is asked to perform the test in front of Soke. One must have practised well to unify his/her spirit,technique and body in order to give the test. ( My jetlagged thoughts. )

There are people who are concerned if your foot is a particular angle or the like. What is important is, after training in the waza, to make them fit your own body. If you train well, then the structure is there to work with and break to adapt and keep you alive. The beginning is crucial to ones development. As with any foundation, if is is weak, we will eventually see it`s weaknesses as life and training continues. These thoughts could relate to the teachings of Shin Gi Tai.

In Nagold ( The Black Forest ). My mothers birthplace.

I have many weaknesses and am often very lazy at trying to overcome them. In fact, the more I train, the more I realise my lack of true ability. Ones ability is measured by his surroundings and life. This is an aspect of Saino Kon Ki. I feel very immature in life and only hope that my experiences and trusting in life will enable me to protect and keep my family healthy.

The Bushinden Kai in Reutlingen was a great two days. People from Austria and Switzerland also attended.

We moved forward with taijutsu and some ways to incorporate tachi into our training. The two days went very quickly and the training was very enjoyable. Thanks to all for their time and effort.

Also, a Big thank you to Holger and Raphaela for their friendship and hospitality. Two beautiful people who I am glad to have as good friends.

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