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Bujinkan Ryūha 武神館 流派

Notes on some of the Bujinkan schools.

戸隠流忍法體術       Togakure Ryū Ninpō Taijutsu
玉虎流骨指術          Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu
虎倒流骨法術          Kotō Ryū Koppōjutsu
九鬼神流八法秘剣術 Kukishin Ryū Happō Bikenjutsu
神傳不動流打拳体術 Shinden Fudō Ryū Dakentaijutu
高木揚心流柔体術    Takagi Yōshin Ryū Jūtaijutsu
義鑑流骨法術          Gikan Ryū Koppōjutsu
玉心流忍法             Gyokushin Ryū Ninpō
雲隠流忍法             Kumogakure Ryū Ninpō

I am listing here the waza from several of the Bujinkan schools, those that we commonly study, for my own and others reference. I am not going to write explanations of the actual techniques, this is up to you the budoka to do for yourself in your own training.

Listed are the kanji, the transliteration and a translation. Due to the nature of martial arts, not all kanji are easily found in electronic form, often are not recognised by native speakers and may have a specific meaning in a budo context. The translations are based on my understanding of Japanese, various texts and dictionaries, training in Japan and ‘feeling’. As kanji are ideographic characters it is difficult to translate directly into English, along with spoken Japanese, where you will see different translators produce different translations – maybe a better word is ‘interpretation’.

A good source for the kanji in printed form is Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai, as long as you are aware of some of the typesetting errors. Also be aware that hand written forms are different from printed kanji.

As and when I feel the urge or discover something new I will update these pages or change them completely.

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  1. bujinshugyo Says:

    Thanks for putting this up here Dunc – I was wondering why there were suddenly hundreds of people looking at my ramblings.

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