Shimenawa orders for 2011

This is an offer to those who would like a new Shimenawa ( purification rope ) for the Kamidana at home or the dojo for 2011.

The Shimenawa in Japan are generally only available during this period prior to the New Year.

I will start to take pre-orders for Shimenawa now. When I purchase them after Christmas, I will send them to you as soon as possible.

Shimenawa ropes and are a common sight at Shinto shrines hanging from the torii shrine gate and above the entrance to the altar. These special ropes are also used with kamidana home altars. Shimenawa are made of rice straw which is twisted and braided before being bound with string. A wood or wire insert is often used to cause the shimenawa to preserve its shape. Japanese will commonly replace old shimenawa at the start of each year (shogatsu) and new shimenawa will normally be decorated with specially cut paper inserts. Shimenawa were in the past produced in the home by farmers using left over straw from the rice harvest.

Shimenawa (標縄・注連縄・七五三縄 , lit. “enclosing rope”) are lengths of braided rice straw rope used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion. They are often seen festooned with shide. A space bound by shimenawa often indicates a sacred or pure space, such as that of a shrine.

Shimenawa are said to act as a ward against evil spirits and are often set up at a ground-breaking ceremony before construction begins on a new building. Shimenawa may be found at Shinto shrines, torii gates, and sacred landmarks. They are also used to mark trees that are believed to be inhabited by spirits called Kodama. Cutting down these trees is thought to bring misfortune.

The Shimenawa are available in three ( 3 ) sizes from department stores. Small,medium and large. Large sizes are approximately 1 metre in length.

If you would like to order a shimenawa, please order from my Paypal Account.

Order Information

Small                6,000yen             ( approx. 50 cm-70 cm long )

Medium          8,000yen             ( approx. 80cm – 1 metres  long )

Large                10,000yen             ( approx. 1 – 1.2 metres long )


  • Add %10 of the total cost.”

  • We do not guarantee that the shimenawa will be allowed through customs/immigration in your country or state.
  • Please check with your quarantine laws before you purchase.
  • Shimenawa are sealed in plastic ( but not vacuum packed ).
  • No refunds.


  1. go to “”
  2. click on send money
  3. enter
  4. follow the payment prompts.
  5. Don`t forget to add your  full name and postal address.





4 Responses to “Shimenawa orders for 2011”

  1. Small                6,000yen             ( approx. 50 cm-70 cm long

    can you send me the price in euro or dollar? and please add the shippingcosts to italy

  2. Hi I wanted to know and now you can buy?

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