Tachi Bokken – Order and receive it at Daikomyosai!


Tachi Bokken (shown here under a standard bokken for comparison)

Your custom tachi bokken will be ready and waiting for you to pick up in Japan on the first day of training at Daikomyosai 2010.

This is a limited time promotion. They’re 13,000 yen, made of white oak and come with the Tsuba (guard) shown in the photo.

Don’t wait! These tachi are only available for order until November 7th.

They are custom made out of Japanese White Oak designed based on the metal tachi used by Soke in class and they’ve become a popular training weapon in Japan.

Only Soke teaches tachi – so wooden training tachi bokken like this are extremely rare to find in stores.

Don’ t miss out. Get your order in today.

Please click the button to email us by 7th November and take advantage of this limited time promotion.

*Note if you order, we will be crafting a tachi bokken for you so an order is a commitment to buy. Depending on the number of orders received, we may require Paypal advance payment. No, we are not currently delivering these by mail.

Details found at:       Sales@tenguweapons.com


3 Responses to “Tachi Bokken – Order and receive it at Daikomyosai!”

  1. I was fortunate enough to pick one up during a recent trip to Japan. I would thoroughly recommend these bokken they are stunning!!

  2. Would it be possible to order one now and get a friend who is in Japan this month to bring it back for me?

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