Shugyou Kashiwa Dojo Daikomyosai Training Schedule

Shugyou 修行

Training Schedule during Daikomyosai 2010

Kashiwa Dojo

( please meet us at the GODIVA Chocolate Shop in Kashiwa station )

Tuesday 23rd November 3pm-5pm ( meet at 2:40pm )

Monday 29th November 7pm – 9pm ( meet at 6:30pm )

Tuesday 7th December 3pm – 5pm ( meet at 2:40pm )

Hombu Dojo

( If the Japanese Shitennou are not using it at this time )

Sunday 21st November 4pm – 6pm

Sunday 28th November 4pm – 6pm

Sunday 5th December 4pm – 6pm

More details at

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