Thoughts on Rank

The ranks in the Bujinkan are for heart.

Those with the right heart will accept rank from their teacher without question.
The student, with their feeling of discomfort or inadequcey for their new rank, should then go away and train hard until they become worthy of the grade.
This is understanding Sakizuke.

This is the correct feeling to have when dealing with the Bujinkan grades.

Everyone in the Bujinkan receives rank based on Sakizuke ( attaining a rank before the actual skill/understanding is achieved ).
It is important to understand this and therefore not become concerned with ranking requirements to achieve a higher rank.

The Bujinkan is like an Organism, rather than an Organisation. It is alive and very natural.
Those that wish to control their dojo by creating set requirements, rules and obligations etc, often are going against natures way.

All we have to do is trust in Sokes manner of transmitting his budo and train hard to obtain Shin Gi Tai Ichi.

There are over 300 jugodan ranks in the Bujinkan world today. Soke has said that none of them are masters. His ranks are in “hope” that one day, some masters will sprout from this group. this is an important teaching. It is important for everyone to keep training and never become complacent or satisfied with their supposed rank. Rank is transparent in the real world. The teachings are to remove oneself from the constraints of material gain and reward and to understand that the “shugyo” is the most important thing. The training never ends and the master never thinks of being a master. The master thinks of himself as forever a student. This is what truly inspires. Very few people in any martial art can truly become masters. Thus, the ranks of the Bujinkan are alive and people succeed or fail just as in life. The ranks of the Bujinkan are teaching that life and budo are one in the same. Therefore, we are encouraged to walk everyday with an everyday mind and just think of “keeping on Going”. That is all that matters – Bufu ikkan!!

Words based on recent thoughts sprouting from classes in Japan.

7 Responses to “Thoughts on Rank”

  1. rafael perez Says:

    I love this photo… its so honest and colorful! The expressions in the background say it all. lol

  2. Hi Duncan!
    I’m a Bujinkan member here in Brazil.
    I’d like ask for you permission to translate you texts to portuguese. The language barrier gets in the way of many people, leaving many concepts uncovered.

    Thank you so much for your posts!
    See you!

  3. Mr. Duncan awesome word’s full of Budo feeling .I’m a Bujinkan member for many year’s and want to ask if there is a way to contact you via email , i would like to know if its possible to invite you to Greece for a seminar .
    Thank you for your patience and your time to answer me.

    Kapselidakis Konstantinos

  4. Kostas Kapselidakis Says:

    Hi Dunkan .
    My name is Kostas Kapselidakis im a bujinkan member also , is there an email to contact you direct so i can ask some question about making a seminar in Greece?

  5. Some vb drinker Says:

    The guy I train under – did not put in for his 14th Dan for 5 years + the day he did though was given his 15th..
    just some thing to thik about – rank is not bought , rank should be unwanted – as most of us are shit !- from some one who has not excepted 4th Dan for 4 years and counting! As my kihon still sucks after 15 years

  6. Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!

    It’s the little changes that produce the biggest changes. Thanks for sharing!

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