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DVD Website is now open!

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Bou Shuriken-jutsu DVD

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A simple DVD has been produced for Bujinkan students and those interested in Shuriken-jutsu.

The DVD will be available for order by the 1st December 2012.

The express aim of this dvd is to add life to the training by ensuring students use taijutsu and taihenjutsu. Weapons can fail and not be effective. Relying on the Shuriken alone is not enough. The student must understand that the opponent will be moving and also may be throwing shuriken in return!

Understanding these realities, the student is encouraged to study with the knowing that Budo Taijutsu and Taihenjutsu are the means to survival. Not just the Shuriken. A weapons specialist without his weapon or any other skill is a weakness.Soke Hatsumi exclaims that Taijutsu is the base for all weapons and survival.

The Dvd gives humble examples of basic throwing practice, basic variations utilizing various methods of taihenjutsu and weaponry, and then demonstrations of shinken gata ( possible real life scenario methods ).

The demonstrator in the DVD is not a master of shuriken-jutsu and is still correcting on a daily basis his faults and weaknesses. This Dvd is a means to merely encourage others on using imagination and think about the infinite variations one may encounter and how to effectively use the shuriken in those moments.

Duncan is a long time practitioner of Bujinkan Budo. He knows and trusts that the art of shuriken-jutsu exists in the Bujinkan. Upon learning the fundamentals of throwing, the student of Bujinkan Shuriken-jutsu must take the time to study and practice, constantly refining their technique. But most importantly, never forgetting to use Budo taijutsu: The core or “Kaname” of Bujinkan Budo.

The Bujinkan technique is “Ninja technique”. One must throw “naturally” in ones own way, free from form or style. This allows the practitioner to be open to change, be unpredictable, and adjust accordingly using Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Happou Biken and Ninpo Taihenjutsu.

I sincerely hope that those who view this DVD will look at training as something more than throwing at a mat.

DVD Order Details:

  • Currently the DVD will be only available at Bushinden Kai  and at the Toku Bu Ryu Sui Bujinkan Dojo in Kashiwa, Japan.
  • It is expected that there will be a designated distributer in Japan,Europe, The United States and Australasia in the near future.
  • Direct Downloads may be available in the future if there is a big enough demand.
  • International Order Price 4000yen ( approx: $47AUD, $49USD, 38Euro ) – Price includes Postage & Handling.
  • Bushinden Kai and Toku Bu Ryu Sui Dojo sale price is 3000yen.
  • Orders can be made through Account name:

Bujinkan Tasmania Dojo

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The establishment of the Tasmania`s first full-time Bujinkan Dojo is in place.

Donations are welcome to assist with the planning and development of Tasmania`s first full-time facility directed at transmitting Bujinkan Budo and other Japanese Cultural Arts by qualified instructors.

It is the express aim to develop the Japanese cultural arts that comprise the Bujinkan in Tasmania, offering a wonderful opportunity for interested people and groups to affiliate themselves with such a rich history and martial way expressing true art and humanity.

Donations can be sent via to the Dojo Paypal Account at

Bufu Ikkan.