The Tasman Bridge & Derwent River. Hobart, Tasmania.

With only one week to go, my family and I are looking forward to our 16 day trip to my home in Tasmania. Summer is generally quite warm in Tasmania. I find myself dreaming of catching some cool summer waves in and around Hobart while enjoying the southern suns rays on my face.

Ninja 116

The New Year is a grgeat time to enjoy local hospitality at festivals along the riverfront of the capital. I aim to sit and enjoy good music,wine and local produce with friends and family and soak in the calming atmosphere of good old Hobart town.


Park Beach.

The Tasmanian Shin Gi Tai Ichi Dojo will hold a class on January 3rd. This will be the ” Kagami Biraki “ for the dojo. This tradition was the breaking open of a large vat of Sake and sharing it to celebrate the New Year. The Hobart Dojo will break into the New Year with ” Shikin Haramitsu Dai Komyo!” and a class on the basis of Budo, the Go Gyo no Kata and the Kihon Happo Gata.


World Heritage Area. South West Tasmania.

Any member of the Bujinkan may attend. Please see the Tasmania website for further details. www.bujinkantasmania.com




Duncan ( Tasmania no tora )


 Tasmanian Tiger

2 Responses to “TASMANIA”

  1. I did not expect Tasmania to look like a normal city. Reminds me of Southern California. I would like to visit Tasmania one day.

    Thank you for the pics.


  2. Beautiful pictures! I was also not expecting it to look this way. I’m thinking I need to add this to my bucket list!

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