Anaguma Buyukai


I have been lucky enough to have met a man who is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. If he was any more down to earth he’d be living in Tasmania ( down under, down under ). LOL. He is truly selfless and moves in life with conviction and addresses all things, no matter how trivial they may seem to others, with purpose. He has a true desire to learn budo. This is why we are friends. Lance invited me the first time to his Dojo in San Diego in 2006. I have been lucky enough to be given the chance two more times to instruct classes at his dojo for people who wish to hear, see, and feel the training we are recieving here in Japan at present. My job is to present the best I can the “feeling” and “the way of training” that distinguishes Japanese training with Soke and the Shihan.

It is indeed a challenge to instruct. However, I actually feel now that teaching is not what I do. I am but verbalising my thoughts and ideas that naturally arise through taijutsu training. It is strange that one small movement, barely visible to anyone but yourself, can trigger a whole lesson and important concepts experienced in Japan. Often when training in Japan I feel I am not absorbing the words of wisdom from our teachers. It is at times when I’m in the role of a guide to other students that I soon realise that I have absorbed teachings. These teachings are hidden until the time is right. That time is when we don’t search for it, but allow it to surface naturally. I therefore take very few notes when I attend a seminar. I move as I move in Japan with my sensei, and freely speak on matters that arise naturally from moving with budo taijutsu in the dojo.

” If we train our body well enough, the body will teach us.”

My experiences in San Diego have been wonderful and I have met and made some great friends. Many thanks to Lance and Coni for their friendship,graciousness,unconditional hospitality and for always making me feel so at home and letting me be a child.

Shikin Haramitsu Dai Komyo 

One Response to “Anaguma Buyukai”

  1. Duncan:

    You are truly one of the best teachers in the Bujinkan.

    Thank you for your friendship over the years. Look forward to seeing you in Aug 2009!


    Bujinkan Anaguma Dojo
    San Diego

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