Chi-Haya-Buru by Craig Olson

” Through the blood, sweat and tears that you shed in your training you will gradually become more attuned to the importance of the natural connections between things.” Craig Olson.

promo1“Craig is a senior student of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and has more than 10 years of experience in Japan. Craig is a long time translator for Soke and in addition to translating during class and for Sensei’s DVDs, Craig also translated his newest book, Budo Taijutsu.”

“This is a rare opportunity to benefit from Craig’s experiences translating for Quest, not only for the Bujinkan dojo DVD series, but also for a variety of other martial arts that have DVDs produced. As a result, Craig has obtained a vast knowledge of different forms of budo, their history, traditions and the cross-range of techniques that distinguish them.”

1978207echerry-blossom-with-japanese-pagoda-postersCraig has taken on an endevour to explore and explain and important cultural treasure for both Bujinkan practitioners and Asian cultural enthusiasts alike.  Chi-Haya Buru – A Japanese Cultural Treasure, is a book of extreme importance for those wishing to further their knowledge and gain a greater appreciation of the depth of history and tradition that comprises Asian society and military ways of thought.


Chi-Haya-Buru examines the cultural significance of Japanese Uta, the venerable ancestor to the Haiku, and is a book that both historians and Japanese enthusiasts will enjoy exploring.

The author cleverly navigates the linguistic composition of these ancient literary works and gives an inside look at an exceptionally rare and powerful epitaph – Chi-Haya-Buru.

This well laid out, thought provoking book, reveals important cultural-historical links that look back to – and beyond – the very origins of Japan; demonstrating why Japanese Uta were prized by ancient nobility and still today remain a valuable Japanese cultural treasure. 

From the forward written by Craig Olson

woodcut “In the realm of Japanese martial arts, Chi-Haya-Buru is offered as a prayer before training so that there are no injuries and that you do not stray from the path.” Craig Olson. 


” People may hear things but do not always know what they are listening to,
and often make assumptions without digging deeper.  In this book, Craig
has taken his long years of Japanese language study to guide you to the heart of the
language and culture.  I hope his experience helps you enjoy new insights into the complexity
of Japanese that you may take into your training! “

– Bill

I really enjoyed your book on Chi Haya Buru.  I remember asking many questions (to Japanese) about the significance of the paper “kami” at the entrance to the Shinto shrines and the fact that they are built to recognize and honour the “kami” of the past.  Very interesting stuff….”



The expression of Chi-Haya-Buru is explored in great detail. Craig offers a masterful insight into this very rare and unique epitaph that will leave readers with a deeper sence of the oriental mind and spiritual expression.

I strongly recommend people to contact Craig directly to obtain a copy of this fascinating volume. This is a publication sanctioned by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, and having trusted Craig with translating his teachings both in the dojo and his DVDs, you can expect it to be a very educated and thoughtful piece of writing. This is Craigs latest contribution since his work as a a translator for Hatsumi Soke’s most recent Kodansha publication – The Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai. 

I class this as a book of divine importance for those seriously studying the realm of the Bugeisha, the world of Asian military strategies and Oriental philosophy.

“On the life long path of self-cultivation, in many senses you will be training to become more aware.” Craig Olson.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Craig on his immense time and effort in producing such a book. Without the passion and desire to truly understand the arts of the Bujinkan Dojo, Craig would probably not have partaken on this journey. Craig is a true representitive of the Bujinkan Dojo. I believe this most recent volume will give you an honest insight into the sincere focus and conviction that comprises Craig’s nature as a man searching for the way of life through the realm of budo.

 Chi-Haya-Buru by Craig Olson


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One Response to “Chi-Haya-Buru by Craig Olson”

  1. Eric Barfield Says:

    Chi-Haya-Buru is both insightful and fascinating, and clearly reflective of painstaking work, all in an effort to reveal something much deeper than mere surface understanding. I found it well worth the read.

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