Hiryu Dojo Buyu Kai

I was invited by Simon Gaunt and his wife Jo to teach at their Dojo in New Zealand on 2007. These wonderful people have worked very hard at developing a strong community of Bujinkan hearts and continue to live the life of Budoka in accordance with Sokes wishes.

I found my trip to be very inspiring and relaxing. The winter days reminded me of Tasmania, and thus my heart could rest as I smelt the fresh due air in the morning and the weakened sun on my face. This was enough to enrich my spirit and body to commence my seminar with a renewed sence of vigor and vitality. The Hiryu Dojo breathed the air of the Buijnkan and I felt the desire for growth and learning from the buyu present. Everyone expressed their positive attitudes with smiles and open communication with both their bodies and minds.


My role in New Zealand was to transmit the best I could the “feeling” of training in Japan. The theme for the year was ” Kuki Taisho”. Roughly translated we can maybe add a little artistic license in saying it is “Defeating nine demons while laughing”.


We studied the waza from the Kukishinden Ryu Dakentaijutsu Densho and henka that freely arose during the training. To me, the dakentaijutsu aspect was important. So many people have neglected in my eyes, true striking techniques in conjunction with their taijutsu. We have to learn to deliver effective strikes and also learn to ” feel ” what it is like to be struck aswell. If people are never struck in the dojo, then when they enter a real life situation it could become quite a shock. Depending on how they cope with the pain etc, will decide ones life or death. Training in a balanced way is absolutely necessary to obtain true, positive development in budo.

“Train hard, and the body will learn.”


It was a great four days staying with natural people on a unique island nation of varied treasures and beauty.


Domo Arigatoo Gozaimashita

2 Responses to “Hiryu Dojo Buyu Kai”

  1. Edward Laity Says:

    Awesome video, what an experience for those present, I am greatly looking forward to my first seminar with an overseas shihan which lukily for me is early april this year. Simon is a great teacher and the class grows by the day, I await to see what Gillian Booth has in store for us, as no doubt I will be in awe

  2. Andre Paladin Says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you.
    Whilst training with Simon, I’m very fortunate & grateful to be exposed to great instructors. It was wonderful to be a participant at the Hiryu Dojo Buyu Kai & I anticipate your return in April 2010.
    It was great to see you whilst in Japan in May & an honour to have you conduct my Godan test, a very humbling and proud moment, I must say.
    Your posts via Shugyo resonate from within and help me feel connected to Japan whilst not there in physical state.

    Wishing you and yours all the very best, always.

    Much respect and admiration,

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