New Godan for Bujinkan Tasmania

Recently a student of mine from Tasmania visited Japan for training. It was good to see him here again.


Elio has been training for 11 years and has done so with sincerity and determination.

It was a Sunday at the Bujinden. It was a nice day and Soke’s training was fantastic, but confusing as usual. We had just finished using the Rokushaku Bo when Soke ended the class and asked if there were any people wishing to sit for the fifth dan test. I mentioned to Sensei that a student of mine intended to sit the test. Soke then turned to the weapons racks below the kamidana and handed me a fukuro Rokushaku Bo.

Everyone was suprised when they saw me standing behind Elio with the Bo. It was definately a unique experience unfolding before everyone that day.

I asked Soke how he wished me to use the Bo. He replied, ” Anyway you wish.”

 After feeling for the correct distance with my surroundings and Elio,  the test began. I rose the Bo above my head in a wide grip like an Odachi ( long battle sword ).

A moment passed, and Elio took taihenjutsu to avoid the Bo with perfect timing!

Everybody clapped and congratulated Elio on  successfully completing the test.

It was a wonderful moment for Elio and the Bujinkan Tasmania Dojo.


With Soke at the Ayase Budokan.

Bufu Ikkan.

5 Responses to “New Godan for Bujinkan Tasmania”

  1. Very interesting. A while ago Danny Fletcher and I had a conversation about the Godan Test. We discussed the fact of whether Soke needed a sword or not to give the test. I believed that he did not, because the Sakki is coming from within. Here is another moment that shows this to be true. Congrats!

  2. Yes Duncan it was an Interesting experience that I’m glade to have the opportunity to sit. It was wonderful that you a good friend with a great spirt was the one who preformed the test.

    The feeling is hard to interpret, but as I knelt down in front of everyone at the Hombu I was fully aware of everyone in front and behind me and as I settled my self. I realized what was going on behind with the rokushaku-bo even though I did not see what was had taken place. I knew something was not normal. I did not need to know, as the intent and out-come would be the same whatever was happening.

    Well these where some of my thoughts in a few words.
    It is an experience I will never forget.

    Thank You.

  3. Congratulations Elio well deserved

  4. Erwin Lyon Says:

    Really great to see Duncan.
    Congratualtions Ellio, best wishes and luck with training 😉
    Hopefully make it over there sometime soon.

  5. Hi Guys – just wondering if you can help me. I am trying to locate classes in Hobart to train. A move seems to have occured from the Police Boys Club but no one seems to know where the classes have relocated to?? Any details you could provide would be most helpful.

    And well done 🙂


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