San Diego Seminar August 2009

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Well, more and more I feel that travelling to pass on the teachings of the Bujinkan Hombu is greatly teaching me more about life and the importance of friendship and connecting with people. Initially, I always visited different places with the feeling of training only. Now, I visit with a feeling of experiencing the art of living with people and connecting with others. I’m bad at socialising I feel. Almost to the point of being socially inept. I always try to stay true to my own convictions while listening. Inturn, I try to maintain a neutral position among people. This to me is important for numerous reasons. To maintain trust relationships, we need to know how much to give and return. I once heard Soke mention ( or did I read it somewhere ) that in a relationship ( being marriage or friendship ) , it is healthy for each person to give only %50. Together that makes %100. If difficult times arise, then each had another %50 ( a total of %100 ) to help restore balance. Some for food for thought.

Duncan and Lance after flight

Minako, Kai and I arrived in Los Angeles with Lance waiting at the gate for us. It was good to see him again, eventhough we had spent some quality time with him in Japan a month or so earlier with Coni. It was Minako’s first trip to America, and she was excited. Together we drove down to San Diego and settled in. The weather was perfect.

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Lance and Coni are wonderful hosts and friends. I’m constantly humbled by Lances hospitality and consistent offer to have me yearly for seminars. Thank you.

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We did alot of sightseeing this time. Visiting Carlsbad, La Jolla, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Malibu, Del Mar and more. We had a lovely time seeing these places, walking and swimming in the sun, eating delicious quisine and sampling many wines from the Nappa Valley and Southern California.

san diego 2009 060

Wine Tasting.

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La Jolla Cove

Lance has recently moved into a new dojo in Miramar. It is a quality establishment and he has some very committed and good people as students. If you are in the area, please train and support the dojo.

The seminar commenced with my thoughts on this years theme. In all honesty, I cannot say that I have grasped the theme in an intellectual way strong enough to teach it. But, that’s good! The themes for this year require some serious thought, but ultimately, it is through training that we will come to truly understand the words. True understanding comes from action. The body will eventually tell us and others if we have understood the teachings. So, until that time, I stated that we would just train with positivity and a feeling of “playing” to lighten our heart and forget our cluttered mind that thinks it ” knows what budo is..”

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We enjoyed two days of training with people who travelled from as far as Colorado and Las Vegas. Clarke was recovering from a meniscus operation and still managed to fly down and participate in more ways than just training. Thank you mate. 

I believe we have another seminar planned for late August next year. I hope to see everyone again for some more training.

san diego 2009 169

A big thank you again to Lance and Coni for being so beautiful to my family. Kai loves you both! I’d also like to say thank you to the guys in Los Angeles for allowing me to teach at their dojo. Wow. That dance studio has some serious feeling! I don’t know how many times I spun around that day, lol. 

All the best in health and happiness.


One Response to “San Diego Seminar August 2009”

  1. Just because someone lives in Japan does not mean they are good at Budo. Duncan trains 5-7 times per week with not only Soke but other top Japanese Shihan. It shows in his movement. It has been a great honor to have Duncan accept my yearly invitations and treat my students to wonderful Taijutsu.

    Thank you for the friendship over the years!

    I will train twice as hard.


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