As we left the Ayase Budokan, the snow fell over us. It had a calming affect after such an excellent training session with Soke and Noguichi Shihan. It’s always hard to sleep after Soke’s evening classes. Maybe that’s why we drink beer?!


Walking with Doug, we began to talk about our blogs. He mentioned that as three residents ( including Paul Masse ) we managed to encapsulate the concept of Sanshin and Shin Gi Tai.

Even though we are often situated in the same environment ( utsuwa ), we are all receiving and absorbing the teachings in a different manner. We can see the principles of taijutsu at work here. Timing, Distance and Angles.


Each of these principles give us a unique opportunity to discover the “feeling of moving in the kukan”. In my view, these principles are one in the same, but until our body can understand this, we often categorise them as separate entities. In this way, we could maybe look at the three blogs as representatives of these principles of taijutsu.

 Sanshin ( three hearts ) is an essential component to achieving the ultimate  goal of the bugeisha – Shin Gi Tai Ichi ( heart,waza,body as one ). In respect to people’s interaction and experiences in the dojo, we can appreciate that if we come together and share, we may come to another level of understanding. The heart of the martial artist is essential in this regard. Without a heart as straight as bamboo, we will only become further confused and become more clouded from the truth.


Paul and Doug’s Japanese is of a very advanced level, especially in regards to budo and understanding Soke. As for myself, I can but mumble enough words to get my wife to make me dinner! In this regard, I respect them greatly and encourage those who don’t regularly view their pages to do so more frequently. I actually like to read them after a few days after posting my own page to see if there are any commonalities. More often than not, there is.


I find it also very encouraging, stimulating and inspiring to hear Soke at training express further views on recent concepts that have co-incided with my own brainstorming. I therefore feel that the decision to commence this blog has been of great benefit to me and my training. For one, it helps me stay on the path. I am also pleased that upon looking back on my original welcoming words of this blog, that they were expressed from my real truth. Being able to hear your truth and also hear your falsehood is important. This is what budo training is about, cleansing your abilities and soul with the world as your dojo ( Saino Kon Ki ).


How do we know if your heart is in the right place? I believe that just living life simply, with no expectations, will give you the answer. Good things will happen, relationships will ripen, and those superficial worries will give way to a deeper knowing that ” all will work out just fine.”

This post is not about Doug, Paul or myself. It’s about coming to understand that “the connection” with people is very important. This is one of the reasons why many people move and/or travel many times  to Japan. They need to be in an environment that is complimentary to their studies. By this I mean being able to develop communication and connections ( both verbal and non-verbal ) with like-minded persons. 


We are all linked. It will just be a matter of time and weeding out until the people studying this art can reach a level of understanding that working together is in the best interest of the Bujinkan. I believe this time is drawing close with the evidence coming from the many Taikai being organised around the world. 

If we can all master Saino Kon Ki,  than this is the beginning.

Gambatte kudasai. 

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