Shugyou Kashiwa Shin Gi Tai Ichi Dojo


( Akebono Furusato Centre, Kashiwa )

TUESDAY  ( Kashiwa )       3pm – 5pm

SUNDAY  ( HOMBU )          3pm – 5pm ( only upon request ).

Please email me or talk to me in advance if you wish to organise training on Sundays at Hombu.


For the Tuesday classes, meet us in Kashiwa station outside the Tobu Noda line central exit ( near Godiva chocolate shop ) at 2:40pm. From there, we can walk to the dojo together.

OR, you can print a copy of the map and find your own way if you are early or late.

The Dojo is 10 minutes walk from the station ( Kashiwa Plaza Hotel side ).

You have plenty of time to have a rest and get something to eat & drink before Sokes class at Ayase.

From Kashiwa station it is 24 minutes by JR Local line to Ayase.

If you would like any further information, please email me at, post on this blog,

or feel free to ask when you see me at the Hombu or Ayase Budokan.


Shugyo Training in Japan Clips for download at

Duncan Stewart






12 Responses to “Shugyou Kashiwa Shin Gi Tai Ichi Dojo”

  1. […] For more information please visit Shihan Duncan Stewart’s training Blog for the Kashiwa Shin Gi Tai Ichi Bujinkan Dojo […]

  2. One of the highlights of my recent trip to Japan was training with Duncan Stewart. We were fortunate to be able to schedule some extra classes with Shihan Duncan, which went a long way to understand Hatsumi Sensei and Nagato Sensei’s movement. It was like training with a new set of eyes, and making the connection from basic fundamental movement to more advanced techniques. Learning the distance and angles from Duncan’s class was like learning the alphabet and words of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, and then going to Soke or Nagato Sensei’s class later on was like watching the poetry in motion. I would sincerely advise those who are visiting Japan to seek out Duncan Stewart and train at the Shin Gi Tai Ichi Bujinkan Dojo.

  3. On our last trip to Japan in April of this year, we had the chance to hook up with Shihan Duncan Stewart. I have known Duncan for the last few years now. I have always found that we have a lot in common. I was happy to have been able to train with him 3 times during my trip. The best thing for me, was he was able to make me better understand my taijutsu. Being a Nagato Student myself, there were many things I did but did not know why. As well as, there were many things I was unable to figure out. After training with Duncan, I was able to better understand my own training. I strongly suggest that anyone that has the Saino Kon Ki to train with Duncan will do so when they are in Japan.

  4. Training with Shihan Duncan Stewart’s was a pleasure this past April in Japan. Duncan’s clean, crisp and strong movement helped me to both dissect and understand better movement that was being shown by both Shihan Nagato and Soke. Duncan effectively demonstrated and taught movement that reinforced very fundamental aspects of budo taijutsu. With both humor and precision, he shared perspectives that offered great insight into our art and how to bring our own training to the next level. Aspects of angling, timing and control that were explored have allowed me to change my own movement for the better. When in Japan, if you can attend Duncan’s training sessions, do so and your training will be better for it.

  5. hello to you i will like to ask if is okay to come to japan to for trend here im from denmark me name is bjørn christensen i will like to come to japan to fro trend i will like so so much i never have be to japan to i will ask if you will sende you nr to my and if you know some plas i can stay for i hope you will mail my bak to se you and thed best to you from denmark and from bjørn christensen best best regards to you

  6. Frank Østrup-Rasmussen Says:

    Hey Duncan

    Thanks for some excellent training tuesday (12/1) in Kashiwa and in Ayase. I am back in Denmark again, and I look forward to your seminar in March.

    Best regards,

  7. Robin Hartley Says:

    Hi there Duncan,

    We will be in Japan between the 22nd of March and the 14th of April…will you you be in Japan at that time ? I see you are very busy with traveling and seminars. It would be great to train under you and see things from another shihans perspective.


    Robin Hartley

  8. I will be arriving in Japan in a couple of more weeks for 14 days of training. I would love a chance to get to train with you if I can. Please feel free to contact me and I’ll be sure to attend training with you as often as I can.

    Randall Engle
    Northeast Alabama Martial Arts
    Gadsden, Alabama

    • bjørn christensne Says:

      Hi Randall Eagle.

      How are you? When will you come to Japan? I will be in Japan, april 8. til aprill 22.

      Would it be possible to get your mail or your phone number? So we can talk about Japan.

      Best regards,

      Bjørn Christensen

  9. hi to you can you sende my you phone no i will like to ask abourt that plice okay and yes i go to japan here now in april 7 plice sende my you phone no and mail bjørn

  10. Ted Delaportas Says:

    I have recently attended a seminar in Vancouver, BC.

    I saw Duncan show the reasons of how the basic forms have so much importance to effective taijutsu. He moves in a way with precise kamae and light natural movement. I am really happy to understand a little more about how the basics of taijutsu are so important and light natural movement will only be obtained by mastering the basics.

    Thank you Duncan!!!!!

    Ted, Taka-Seigi Dojo Vancouver
    my shidoshi-Paul Mann

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