Shugyo Training Clips from Japan

The Shugyo Training Clips from Japan are now available for download !

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We are in the early stages of this service. So, we hope you will be patient with us. It is our aim to continue to improve the quality of this service on a regular basis.

The training you will see on the clips is based on my experiences in the dojo. I am but a student living in Japan wishing to study correctly in accordance with the instruction of my teachers. Of course, what I do is purely my interpretation. So please do not take what I say and do as “gospel truth!”.

In saying that, if you view the clips and don’t like them, or disagree with what I say or do, I can’t help that! If you do see value in what we are providing, it is my sincere hope that it helps you with your Shugyo; learning budo for life.

The clips are not intended to be instructional. The clips are intended for those Bujinkan members who wish to maintain a connection with  training in between their trips to Japan,Taikai,or training with people who live in or visit Japan regularly.

The concept is to only give ideas to aid everyone in continuing their own personal training and stay close to the training as experienced in Japan.

We will concentrate on mostly “henka” and not that of  kata. Particular points that I feel as important will be generally expressed.  However, for  understanding of particular themes, specific training in techniques, philosophy etc, it is essential that everyone continues their own studies and maintain their connection with their Dojo, the Shihan, and Soke in Japan.

I must stress that it is very important for everyone ( no matter what rank ) to firstly purchase Soke’s DVDs and books and study them as well as you can. These are his wishes!

 I hope that the Shugyo clips can also help maintain a spark in your training and understanding of the importance in maintaining a connection with Soke,the Shihan in Japan, and the Jugodan around the world.

Note: There are pre-recorded clips dating back to September 2009 on the  tenguweapons/shugyo website ready for download. Please take advantage of the special offers so you can gain a better “feeling” of what was practised weekly here in Japan earlier this year.

I sincerely hope that you like and find this simple service to be of benefit to you and your training in the Bujinkan Martial Arts.


” the only way to get better is to train!” 

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  1. bjørn christensne Says:

    hi to you i will like to ask if you have sende my a mail you go to japan yes and my to i go to japan i have trave to mail to you and i will like to ask you you can mail my bak and and you phone no to and i will like to call you op to day i will be gald to ask you when whort day you go to japan tell my that have nice day bjørn

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