In Yo Bu Shin

It has often been mentioned that Tanryoku  胆力 or “guts” is an essential element to understanding the world of budo and advacning as a martial artist.

Depending on the kanji, Tanryoku  弾力 can signify ” elasticity,resilience, and adaptability” as well.

Let us think about the relationship of the varying kanji and look through to the hidden and essential component required to understand the bugeisha’s heart.  

隠 要 武 心 
In Yo Bu shin

 In  隠 signifies to hide or conceal.

Yo  要 means the “main point” or “essence”.

Bu  武 translates as ” warrior “

Shin  心 Signifies ” heart” or “spirit”.

隠 要 武  心
Soke has recently mentioned this.


photos by Sheila Haddad.

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