Ura ni wa Ura ga aru

I believe Soke mentioned something at training recently that resembled an old Japanese proverb.

Ura ni wa Ura ga aru.

“The reverse side has it`s reverse side.”

Sometime ago, I remember asking him to write a proverb for me while he was painting at the Hombu. It read:

Ke-bukai mono wa iro-bukai.

” A Hairy person is sexy.”

I wanted my wife to know she had made the right choice for her husband. Lol!

Soke smiled and, instead of writing the proverb, he painted the womans erogenous region with large amounts of hair!

Needless to say, everyone laughed!

This is Ninjutsu.

Nothing is as you believe it to be. There is always a reverse side to the reverse side.

2 Responses to “Ura ni wa Ura ga aru”

  1. Steve J. Morgan Says:

    Hilarious, Duncan! Thanks for sharing. See you in a few weeks.

  2. Jeroen Roos Says:

    ” A Hairy person is sexy.”

    Haha I’m happy, great tekst. Thanks

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