Kieru no Kankaku


 Kieru no Kankaku is indeed as elusive as the name implies. I feel at this point in time that the attitude required in order to obtain this feeling of disappearing is one of being diligent and taking notice of the kihon of the kihon, the basics that form the basics. Therefore, the following blog will look at the concept of Kieru no Kankaku from a fundamental taijutsu point of view.

If we consider the traits of the flight or fight responce and it’s effects on the individual, we can see the application of deception and kyojutsu from a physiological point of view.
In a life and death scenario, it has been researched that particular body functions change to aid in better or more desicive function. For example: the vision of the eyes can change.
Our senses sharpen, pupils dilate (open out) so we can see more clearly, even in the darkness. Our hairs stand on end, making us more sensitive to our environment. At many times people experience tunnel vision. There is always an omote and ura to life. We can then appreciate that the involuntary responce instinctualy turned on by the body for self preservation ( tunnel vision )can also be something manipulatable by the opponent.
The simple teaching of moving ” off line ” or ” 45 degrees ” for example, can totally remove oneself from the sight of an attacker experiencing tunnel vision. This fundamental movement is possibly one way to observe in a raw and pragmatic manner the concept of Kieru no Kankaku. This is in turn should remind us the importance of correct basics. In my eyes, the principles of Taijutsu ( distance, timing, and angles ) should not be catergorised as seperate skills, but as a unified and constantly changing entity in both the physical and spiritual realm that exists to sustain life. These principles are devised to ultimately place us in life preserving positions to avoid or deal with adversity and move more freely in life.

This is what Kurai Dori means to me.

When the principles are mastered, we begin the move freely in the kukan. Only at this stage can we truly “play” in our training. Within the kukan ( life space ) that we create or is given by the opponent, we move with kamae of the heart and feel the “echo” from our adversary or environment. From a position not understood or percieved by the opponent ( mie nai no tokoro ) as created by the principles of Taijutsu , we have time to respond or remove ourselves from danger before it happens.
Maybe this can be related to the concept Kieru no Kankaku aswell.

Please don’t misinterpret my words as words that I understand. I am but putting pen to paper in a hope that it will help me and maybe others step a little further along the true path of budo. Please also take to heart that contradictions will inevitably occur with the accumulation of knowledge through life experience and the constant teachings of my many teachers in life and budo.

6 Responses to “Kieru no Kankaku”

  1. Life does not exist with out contradiction or at least one cannot learn and push ones own boundaries with out it.

  2. Nature is capable of comfortably housing every contradiction. We can’t hope to gain our own natural path in the martial arts without learning to embrace those contradictions for ourselves… Even (maybe especially) if we don’t understand them. I think….

  3. Any contradictions in budo must be dealt with by the heart.

    Few however, can separate thinking with the mind from thinking with the heart.

  4. what contradiction?
    thinking with the heart, or emotive decision making to put it another way, is a primitive way of thinking for when you can’t intellectually understand a thing, or don’t have time to think it through. To an extent we can train our hearts and emotions, by working through situations and then exercising them. To not use your mind is to devolve to that less than a monkey, to deny that many decisions are made emotively is to deny a fact or our existance.
    All interaction (fighting or discussion) is a flow within the kukan (space and slack between people). You are moving within it from birth and will never master it completely. Surely this is dogs balls obvious.

  5. Marcelo Moya Says:

    contradiction and non-contradiction. They are one in the same and both are truth when observed through no mind eyes. Truth in that they are both moments and experience which can only be understood through awarness and not logic. Contradiction and non-contradiction are distinguished when we think about it (use mind). We take truth in a logical sense to mean non contradiction, because anything that contradicts itself is taken as false/unstable logic. For this reason as we try to put our experiences into words we in a way set ourselves up for contradiction (what I think Duncan is talking about). Because nothing is constant except change. It is a lot like taijutsu, when we try to force something (logic) in a “technique” we set our selves up to be countered (contradiction). However when we let go an move with freedom and ability to change there is nothing to contradict, we are in accordance with nature. Thoughts arise but are taken as nothing more and change/growth may happen.

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