This is a personal journal of thoughts primarily sprouting from my study of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in Japan. Writing allows me to free my mind. It helps clarify in a certain light my weaknesses and strengths in the martial arts and life. I can then attempt to move forward and grow further in life and budo. I think it is also important to feel the breath between the lines to gain a deeper understanding of ones sense, personal direction, and growth.

For those who wish to add their own experiences and thoughts, I’d like to give you an open invitation to do so.  It is my hope that we can share as friends our enriching experiences through the Budo of Japan as taught by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi and his Shihan.



Training with Nagato Sensei at the Bujinden

3 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Hallo Duncan ,you dont now me bud i was a student of Manolo Serrano win he was still in belgium.My question is iff you want give in the future a seminar in belgium at my dojo?So yes what is your price?You cant take about me whit Manolo,you shel see him at daikomyosai.Plaese answer me,Michael

  2. Hi Duncan,
    I currently train in Sydney South West and love to read and further my knowledge of the art.

  3. Jeff Ishmael Says:

    Hello Duncan
    i am 20 years old i live in San Diego California and martial arts has been my passion ever since i could ever remember but i grew up with 3 brothers and sisters so there wasn’t much time for my parents to enroll me into martial art classes. Anyways im moved out and heard from my friend that their is the Anaguma Dojo in San Diego with is about 45 minutes away anyways i have studied every martail art i could find on the internet and i have reason to believe that Ninjutsu not on Taijutsu but everything about it that it is a perfect fit anyways i dont wanna make you read all day but i would appraicate it if you would get back to me and congratz on whatever degree black belt you are on i know it takes a very long time 😀

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