Kokushikan University Demonstration

Before moving to Japan, I was living In Tasmania and  instructing Budo at the University of Tasmania and the Police Citizens Youth Club. While renting the Judojo at the University, I became friends with the Aikido and Judo exponents. The Judojo had recently been completed and a Grand opening ceremony was to take place with special guests.


One special guest was Mr Taka Nakajima. For 10 years he resided in Tasmania and took the role as the Police Academy Self Defence and Sports trainer for the new recruits. During this time, he was accredited with establishing Judo and Aikido firmly in Tasmania. Since then, his influence has ensured the continuation of Judo and Aikido in all areas of the state and around the world.

The following is taken from the University Newsletter.

Internationally acclaimed martial arts expert Professor Takeshi Nakajima flew in from Japan to take part in the officla opening ceremony of the Universities new $300,000 dojo. Nakajima holds a 7th degree in Aikido and Judo. He is a professor at the Kokushikan University in Tokyo, and a director of the Japanese Academy of Budo. He lived in Tasmania between 1974 – 1981 and developed the physical education and self defence course at the Police Academy. He has coached many Tasmanians to state, national and international championship level.

After the completion of the ceremony, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Nakajima at a luncheon. He was very interested to hear about the budo I studied. He became even more fascinated to hear that three of the ryuha are ninjutsu lineage. As a result of our conversation, he stated that he wished to see our training in person.


Kokushikan Judojo – muto dori

The following class, Mr Nakajima entered the dojo and watched training. Afterwoods, he said that he was impressed with the fact we had maintained a solid root with traditional budo and that he could see the footwork of both Judo and Aikido in our training.



When I told him that I intended to move to Japan for further study, Mr Nakajima invited me to demonstrate our Budo at his University Judo dojo. I accepted on the conditioned that it was allowed by my teachers.


Nage Bojutsu

Time passed and when I had settled in Japan, I spoke to Nagato Sensei and then Soke. They both gave me the permission to give a demonstration of budo at the University. Nagato Sensei said it was a very famous university fo Judo and that he himself had visited there a few times.


Ninja-ken Ichi no kamae

With Joji and a few buyu from the Hombu, I visited the University Dojo and gave a small demonstration infront of a group of students. I concentrated on ukemi,muto dori,bojutsu,kenjutsu,shuko,shuriken, and kyoketsu shoge. After the demonstration we practised as a group, some basic waza.



Mr Nakajima was very pleased with the event. After we changed, he took us for lunch before leaving for Chiba.



Many thanks to those who assisted me in trying to demonstrate the arts of the Bujinkan Dojo that day.


Arigatoo Gozaimashita!

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  1. I enjoyed to read about this meeting of yours Duncan… life is so giving at these occasions that rises.

    greetings from sweden.

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