Shizen no Ninniku


Cole Point, Bruny Island. Tasmania.

While still living with the crystal clear sands and green emeraled seas surrounding the majestic island of Tasmania, I was halted in my space by an overwhelming urge to fulfill a heart felt desire. This feeling welled deeply from my core and I felt it emerge with conviction. I had felt within myself a truth of knowing that I had never experienced before. I had no choice but to trust this expansion within, knowing full well that my life path was going to change forever. I had no power to resist. If my true self had felt it to be wrong, I would have found the power within to fight it, but I did not. I felt at last I had begun to trust my inner self. 

The main island of Japan was to become my new home.

Days later, I was kneeling facing the kamidana at our dojo in preperation for training. Upon closing my eyes the words “know that patience comes first” came to me. The conviction of these words opened my eyes. At that moment, I truly began to treasure those words of wisdom that mark the first code of Ninpo.

Time passed quickly as my mind, body and technique worked in harmony ( Shin Gi Tai Ichi ) toward moving to my new island home. Finally I found myself in Japan. Life moved in a rhythm that I was unfamiliar with, yet I flowed with little resistance. I would at times of silence hear the words of the code. Listening and sincerely accepting these words the best I could, I continued in training and everyday life with a new inner belief that all obstacles would be made transparent by following the words of our Soke,” Keep going.”

I have read, re-read, and continue to read the code of the Bujinkan Dojo, yet I have never had a spirit settled enough to truly allow for the teachings to be absorbed. I feel that recently I have felt closer to accepting the art of patience in my heart, but I am still but at the tip of the iceberg in regards to developing the depth and fullness of maturity required of becoming a true martial artist.

Everyday, my desire is to allow the virtue of Shizen no Ninniku ( natural patience / forbearance ) reach my heart as deeply as possible in a hope that I be granted the teachings of budo from kami above. 

I believe that maintaining focus on correct training with a sincere mind will naturally develop the virtue of patience and allow the true heart of a budoka emerge.


Togakure Ryu Kenjutsu – Ichi no kamae

The Code Of The Dojo:

1. To know that patience comes first.

2. To know that the path of Man comes from justice.

3. To renounce avarice, indolence, and obstinacy.

4. To recognize sadness and worry as natural, and to seek the immovable heart.

5. To not stray from the path of loyalty and brotherly love, and to delve always deeper into the heart of Budo.

To follow this code is part of the dojo’s guidelines.

Meiji 23 (1890) Spring, Toda Shinryuken Masamitsu
Showa 33 (1958) March, Takamatsu Toshitsugu Uou
Hatsumi Masaaki Byakuryu


Mainichi Gambatte Kudasai!

2 Responses to “Shizen no Ninniku”

  1. Beautifully written, Duncan. Thanks very much for enabling me to read your blog. I look forward to reading more posts about your training at Nagato Dojo. Nagato-sensei never ceases to amaze me with his infinite ability to create effortless, combat-practical henka off kihon happo-gata and his feather-light, fluid footwork.

    Keep them coming! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the thoughts! It is, very inspiring! Hope to see you soon!


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